The Evolution of New & Lingwood’s Iconic Peacock

The New & Lingwood Peacock, our unmistakable motif, captures not only the bold aesthetic of our clothing, but also the taste and confidence of our customers.

Our design is an evolution of a pattern found in the cotton lining of a 19th century silk ceremonial robe. At the time, western artisans were known for bold and colourful roller-printed cottons like this peacock and floral pattern, exporting fabrics along the Silk Road, which had once connected China to the West.

We think it fitting that our motif should be inspired by both the ancient trade of our signature textile and by a traditional garment that so closely resembles our best-known product: the silk dressing gown.

To make the original design our own, we focused on the peacock, enhancing its elegance by simplifying it to a three-colour pattern that we freshly render in different palettes. Over the years our peacock has graced not only our dressing gowns, but our slippers, smoking caps, ties and other accessories, truly becoming an icon of style and luxury the world over.

Fuchsia & Turquoise Peacock Unlined Silk Dressing Gown
Purple Peacock Unlined Silk Dressing Gown

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