The stylish aesthetic of a gentleman's suit and shirt is always aided by the accompaniment of an equally well-crafted tie, be it in a contrasting, statement tone or a complimentary hue. 

At New & Lingwood a tie is more than an accessory, it is a hand-crafted, luxury piece in its own right. Our silk ties, knitted ties and wool ties are all tailored from renowned English or Italian yarns, sourced from our loyal, revered suppliers. This silk is woven on the bias to hold a consistent shape, it is then sewn into a three-fold construction for a classic weight and structure further aiding the tie to fall gently whilst maintaining its pristine, flat front. All our woven ties have a self-tipped finish exemplifying the superior needlework, and further enhancing the drape of the tie. A discreet loop, know as the 'Keeper' is concealed inside the tie and allows it to adjust to the wearer in use. This prevents that unpleasant cracking sound of a more inferior tie when the knot is made tighter.